FREE MUSIC GIVEAWAY from Michael Maas!


If there are sufficient views the composer will give away his music!  According to Epic Music VN (Vietnam):

We happy to announce that we have got a special gift from the composer for all EpicMusicVn’s fans. Please share, listen and achieve the gift.
DEADLINE: December 11, 2014.
1. 50k view: unlock download link of the first song
2. 100k view: unlock download link of the second and the third song
3. 200k view: unlock download link of an unreleased song
4. 500k view: unlock free download full one album

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Itune :

Composer: Michael Maas
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00:00 Memória
04:00 Morpheus and the Dream
06:46 Revenge of the Earth
09:54 Digital Breakdown
12:58 Ballerinas Dance
16:13 Far away from home
19:06 The Conclusion
21:52 Glow of the Silence
25:04 Angels from Persia
28:27 Umakanta Se
31:12 No Borderlines
35:23 The Goodbye
38:09 The Dream
40:27 Me Solei
43:38 Euphoria
49:10 Elu Mahkah
51:44 Cubitus

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