Justice League for Sale!



So buying the whole set of the Justice League figurines costs $25 each retail. This set retails at $109.99 Cdn. So it’s like getting two and a half figurines for free! Thanks to Randal at Dragon Cards and Collectables for letting me take a pic of this!


I Had a Shoggoth by Master Filker Tom Smith


You *must* watch the translator for the hearing impaired, she’s bloody brilliant!

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Brooks



I fell in love with the photography of Andrew Brooks today.  Such dark settings, and amazing perspectives!  The almost Gothic and mind-bending distortions he achieves really resonate with some of the things I’ve been writing lately.   A well known photographer who has done work shown on the BBC, you can get free screensavers and wallpapers of his work from his website.

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Sable – The Queen’s Dirk (Spelljammer Filk)


http://sablearadia.bandcamp.com Official music video for “The Queen’s Dirk” by me (featuring Chad McLeary; Pyrates & Pagans, 2013). A filk of “The Royal Oak” (traditional) inspired by my novel “A Few Good Elves” and the D&D Spelljammer setting http://toy-soldier-spelljammer.webs.com. Featuring the art and animations of John “Paladine” Baxter and Silverblade the Enchanter; used by permission. All other footage is royalty-free or was specifically shot for the video. Copyright (c) 2013; all rights reserved.

Live at the Cherryville Farmer’s Market


Dedicated to Andrew Brechin, 1968 – 2013. Live performance for a small, intimate audience featuring songs from both “Of Dragons and Unicorns” and “Pyrates & Pagans,” plus a cover or two and at least one unreleased track. Chad McLeary joins me for a couple of numbers as well.