After Ever After by Paint


Did you ever wonder what happened to the Disney Princesses After Ever After? Brilliant parody by Paint in a barbershop quartet style (“parody,” of course, originally being social commentary disguised as humour.) Warning – this video is not for children, the song is very graphic.

Why Being a Nerd is Awesome!


At a convention full of nerds, a new mom got up and asked supreme galactic ruler of geeks and former “Star Trek: The Next Generation” cast member Wil Wheaton to offer her infant daughter some advice. He obliged. With SHOWMANSHIP. At 1:40, he just nails it.

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Table Manners: Guys, We Need to Talk


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Positively Woodworthian

In a recent post about conventions, I added a note about gender bias in the gaming community. It was a little thing, just a “hey, guys, stop assuming ladies can’t be gamers too” for the less-evolved crowd, but it turned out to get a much stronger response than anything else on that list. This post is an attempt to expand on the ideas in that post, and in doing so I found I got pretty heated myself – mostly because for every talking point I came up with I could remember some terrible evidence from my own personal experience, or which was shared with me by the ladies I know. And so I broke my normal guideline about profanity on this blog, because I think sometimes there is no polite way to express a certain measure of outrage, so I hope you bear that in mind as you read.


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