Throm-Ka!  This is a haven for news and rants about all matters of geekdom.  Share something you want me to post about, pass on information you think others would want to know, or just enjoy (or rant about) what you read.

Check my Gravatar profile for other ways to contact me on the web, and all the different projects that I do!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award as an inspiration blogger. Click the link to accept the nomination and follow the rules to nominate those blogs/bloggers that have inspired you ! theleatherlibraryblog.com/2014/01/09/sunshine-award/

  2. Hey Diane, I am following your Sable account on Twitter. I’m putting a bit of effort into building a network over there, and using it to promote blogs and help cool bloggers meet other cool bloggers. Since you enjoy so much of our work, you should follow me @sourcererblog, even if you’re just using the Twitter account to post links. The Leather LIbrary also has a Twitter account.

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