How I learned to stop worrying and love the #NSA (#privacyisaright #stopthensa #wordpress)




Something happened to me over the weekend. I came home Friday with the idea of editing some posts about comics and movies, writing one of my own called “Isildur’s Bane,” scheduling a few videos, and taking most of the weekend off.

Ten minutes after I arrived home, The Pirate Org derailed that plan.

I found this in my Twitter feed:

Of course I had to look into it. Despite my best efforts to stick to books and videos, I have strong political views. I care about the human rights and civil liberties of real, actual people. I quickly decided this was something I couldn’t pass up. I debated whether to support The Day We Fight Back personally on Facebook and Twitter, or whether to blog about it here.

To make a long…

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Happy 40th Anniversary D&D!


D&D celebrates its 40th Anniversary and they’re asking us gamers to share our stories. YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. The original article appears here: I was first acquainted with D&D in 1985; I was ten. I turn 39 in about a month and we still play a regular game. Gaming is our primary form of entertainment; it takes the place in our household of watching TV or going to the bar. I love it and I’m grateful to its creators for it. And of course, my readers know that it has inspired me to write stories ( Thanks D&D for so many years of joy!