Happy Geek Moment – Vorkosigan Saga


Happy Geek Moment - Vorkosigan Saga

Sharing a happy geek moment!

So I’m in the public library after having *finally* caught up on my library fines, and my local public library has a nice new building whose space I am coming to enjoy immensely to do writing and web-work. I’m on my out to meet my hubby, who is picking me up, and of course I am sitting near the sci-fi and fantasy section . . . so I’m walking out and I catch a glimpse of a name that immediately catches my attention . . . Lois McMaster Bujold. For those unfamiliar, she very well might be the greatest science fiction writer of our time, having won the Hugo award four times (which matches the great Robert Heinlein’s record).

I am a fan of Bujold’s great series, “The Vorkosigan Saga,” classic space opera with a twist. Her protagonist, Miles Vorkosigan, is a truly great geek hero; he has some serious disadvantages that make him the least likely action hero, not the least of which is a disabling bone disorder . . . but he’s really, really, *really* smart.

Lately, Bujold has been writing award-winning fantasy, but I want to start with the first book and I’ve had some trouble holding it at the library so I haven’t started it yet . . . and so I look more closely at the book cover as I pass it, and realize that this isn’t fantasy, this looks like hard science fiction. Then when I get just a little closer than that, I realize there’s a banner across the top that proclaims this “A New Miles Vorkosigan Novel.”

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH! COOOOL! Really? She said she wasn’t writing any more Miles books, not after “Diplomatic Immunity” kind of finished the story for him (and I could see that; look what happened to Babylon 5 when the fans demanded they write past the end of the story . . . I just personally pretend that the last two seasons don’t exist.) So I seized it immediately and checked it out on the way out. And I have to say that it was everything I’ve come to expect of the series, which is a truly great story written with a masterful hand that is poignant, exciting and very often funny as well.

This was published in 2010, and now I have a hold on 2012’s “Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance” which is about Miles’ cousin, who has been a significant character in the story before . . .

If you’re a sci-fi geek who has not yet read this series, read it. Really. You won’t regret it.