FREE MUSIC GIVEAWAY from Michael Maas!


If there are sufficient views the composer will give away his music!  According to Epic Music VN (Vietnam):

We happy to announce that we have got a special gift from the composer for all EpicMusicVn’s fans. Please share, listen and achieve the gift.
DEADLINE: December 11, 2014.
1. 50k view: unlock download link of the first song
2. 100k view: unlock download link of the second and the third song
3. 200k view: unlock download link of an unreleased song
4. 500k view: unlock free download full one album

Buy Michael Maas’s music:
Itune :

Composer: Michael Maas
Facebook :…

00:00 Memória
04:00 Morpheus and the Dream
06:46 Revenge of the Earth
09:54 Digital Breakdown
12:58 Ballerinas Dance
16:13 Far away from home
19:06 The Conclusion
21:52 Glow of the Silence
25:04 Angels from Persia
28:27 Umakanta Se
31:12 No Borderlines
35:23 The Goodbye
38:09 The Dream
40:27 Me Solei
43:38 Euphoria
49:10 Elu Mahkah
51:44 Cubitus

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I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You Guys About This, But . . .


I Probably Shouldn't Tell You Guys About This, But . . .

ThinkGeek is doing a cool contest:

“INCONCEIVABLE! Today, we celebrate The Princess Bride’s film release in 1987. 26 years? Do we really mean it?! Well… anybody want a peanut?

Enter below by 5:00pm ET Wednesday, 9/25 for a chance to win one of three The Princess Bride prize packs. Once the contest closes, Dread Pirate Roberts and RandomBot will select three lucky winners & contact them via email.

Each winner will receive:

Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya Mug
Iocane Powder Pint Glass
Princess Bride R.O.U.S. Plush
Princess Bride As you Wish Pint Glass

Enter now! (As you wish.)”

Now you’re all competition and I’m less likely to win it, dammit. Don’t say I never do anything for you! Click on the pic for the link to enter:

Almost 100 Subscribers!


Almost 100 Subscribers!

So since I started this blog in February of this year, I have 94 subscribers on Confessions of a Geek Queen. I have, apparently, had 4227 views, 71 comments, and the most views I’ve had in one day was 167. My most popular topic has been RPGs, followed by humour (which makes sense, because that’s the one I use the most,) followed by memes and D&D. I suppose RPGs and D&D are the things I know the most about in the world of geekdom, so I guess that makes sense!

To celebrate, I have decided to offer a special giveaway. I’m in the process of making an audiobook of my internet novel “A Few Good Elves.” While I can’t yet be certain of the release date because it’s a work in progress and I’m not getting paid for it, when it is released, I will send a free copy to the person who is my 100th subscriber! So please make sure that if you subscribe in the next few days that you make a comment on this post so that I can announce the winner and find a way to contact you.

If you want to read the novel, you can find it at If you want to pre-order the audiobook (minimum donation $1 for the digital version just because I have to have a price at the site,) you can click through the link on the picture.

Thanks for your support everyone! I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. I have a lot of fun with it too.