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Thanks to my friends Char Deuling and Casey Wolf for tagging me in this one!

(Incidentally, I’m a writer and I work in a bookstore.  Just sayin’.)

The Latest from Malukah and Taylor Davis – The Banner Saga Medley


Well, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world discovered these two, I guess.  Malukah’s video description talks about how the filmmaker flew to Mexico to film her, and it says she had a lot of fun because she’s only ever filmed in her basement before.  Well, I guess if you want to sell an RPG . . . don’t let that prejudice you though; if they know the demographic well enough to get these two ladies, and they do this much work on the soundtrack, you know it’s probably a decent game.  Enjoy!

A Shout-Out for a Canadian Geek Musician – Vanessa Cardui’s Kickstarter Campaign


A Shout-Out for a Canadian Geek Musician – Vanessa Cardui’s Kickstarter Campaign

I had occasion to meet Vanessa at this year’s Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival, where we both had the honour of performing on the same stage as legends Chalice and BladeHeather Dale, and Sharon Knight.  A sister Pagan and a sister geek, her music comes from both elements but also includes some poignant realism and insight into human nature.  “Thought Experiment” was an excellent piece of work and now she wants to make the sequel.  I know I’m supporting the campaign and I hope you will too.  Have a listen to her work and decide for yourself, or check her out on her YouTube channel.

Sable – Summerfest: Live Recordings from the 2013 Event Season


Sable - Summerfest: Live Recordings from the 2013 Event Season

*Bandcamp Exclusive!* 20 live tracks recorded between the Spring and Fall Equinox 2013. Features 3 bonus tracks (“Feelin’ Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song,” “The Mariner’s Revenge,” and “Fields of Athenry”); unique recordings, photos from Sable’s summer events, and bonus Smartphone video “Dance the Magic Round” (Beltaine Faire, Edmonton, AB, April 27, 2013.)

I travel all over Western Canada during the summer event season, and this year, music was my focus. All of these 20 tracks were recorded between the Spring and the Fall Equinox in 2013. They are not professional recordings. There’s a lot of ambient background noise of the various festivals I attended and all my mistakes are included. So why do you want to buy this album?

1. There’s 20 tracks, all at the price of a normal-length album.
2. They capture the spirit and magic of the events I attended. If you were there, or wish you were, it’s a good way to carry that spirit with you.
3. Often things have more passion live than they do when recorded more professionally.
4. You will get unique tracks from my various live performances that are not available anywhere else, and never will be.
5. You will get unique, live versions of some of these tracks that highlight the talents of friends and guest performers. You won’t find them on another album either.

Sometimes, I had to choose between two, three, or even four different live versions of the same song. I selected them based on the number of mistakes I made and how noticeable they were; how distracting the background noise was; whether I felt it best highlighted the song overall. whether you could hear the vocals; and whether it was more or less enjoyable than one or another version to listen to; and how interesting the performance was.

Sometimes, you can’t hear the vocals very well, or there is a quite noticeable mistake. That’s because there simply was no other version of that particular track, and I wanted to offer as much variety as possible.

This album, for obvious reasons, is exclusive to Bandcamp and only available in digital format. I hope you enjoy this intimate glimpse into my life over the summer of 2013.

Blessed be,

releases 03 October 2013
Recorded LIVE during the following events:

* Sable’s “Pyrates & Pagans” CD Release Party, Vernon, BC (March 20, 2013)
* Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival, Drayton Valley, AB (June 30, 2013)
* Vancouver Pagan Pride, Surrey, BC (August 10, 2013)
* Cherryville Farmer’s Market, Cherryville, BC (August 17, 2013)
* Okanagan Pagan Pride, Vernon, BC (August 31, 2013)

Video of “Dance the Magic Round” was recorded LIVE at Beltaine Faire, Edmonton, AB (April 27, 2013).