Meditations on Canonicity

Stories & Soliloquies

I originally intended to write a post about the hyper-rigidity of fantasy and science fiction fans. I’ve read my fair share of theoretical analyses of fictional works, and generally speaking, all theories are beholden to a canonical standard in their analysis – no suppositions can be made outside of what is officially accepted and sanctioned by the author – the creator. The text is fixed with copyright laws, and the story is fixed by the veneration of a fandom. Movie adaptations are harshly judged on their adherence to the canon, and anyone who takes up a story element without explicit credit is derailed for “stealing” from the canon, as though the derivation constituted heresy.

I don’t put a lot of store in the sacredness of fictional canon. I don’t mind when movies alter the story to fit the medium of film (though I do mind when they alter the story…

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