Loads Of Rivet Wars

A loft full of lead

A large box of Rivet Wars goodies arrived today, I have started to open up all the boxes and go through all of the new units. Loads of new stuff, characters, infantry, vehicles, artillery, anti-air, dogs (!) and of course aircraft.
rivetwarswave2aThe Battle Of Brighton is the best set as this introduces flying machines into the games, this really should make a great change to the dynamic of the games.
rivetwarswave2bThere were four more boxes including some 3d terrain for objectives and bunkers.

rivetwarswave2dLoads more standard infantry, which is just as well as we have run out of models to deploy in some games.

rivetwarswave2cThe flying bases when put together allow the models to sit on the tile intersections and so do not interfere with ground units.

rivetwarswave2eI don’t fancy having to put all these back in their original boxes, it will take ages. I need a sensible way to…

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