Ten Awesome Doctor Who episodes from the new series.

Part Time Monster

Since we’re all excited about the Aug. 23 premiere of Doctor Who series 8 starring Peter Capaldi, here’s a list of my favorite Doctor Who episodes from the new series. The list is confined to the new series because I don’t know the old series aside from a few vague memories of Tom Baker and K-9 from public television in the 80s.

***Big-Time SPOILER Alert – There’s no way to write something like this without spoilers.***

1. “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood” by Paul Cornell (series 3, episodes 8/9).

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor Photo © BBC Worldwide, via Wikipedia

This is without a doubt my favorite. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is pursued across time by a family of beings with exceptionally short lifespans for time travelers because they want to capture him and use his Time Lord regeneration energy as a longevity elixir. His solution is to hide his Time Lord consciousness in a…

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