How not to start your Novel – from Writer Unboxed

I might have to do a little reworking; I started with a prologue. But I think that might be a better way to flow the plot! I have learned through the editing process of my non-fiction book that editing is a lot more than just punctuation and consistency of detail; it’s refining and reworking into a more marketable package. I can do that. Back to the drawing board!


No one reads more prospective novel beginnings than literary agents. They’re the ones on the front lines — sifting through inboxes and slush piles. And they’re the ones who can tell us which Chapter 1 approaches are overused and cliche, as well as which techniques just plain don’t work. Below find a smattering of feedback from experienced literary agents on what they hate to see the first pages of a writer’s submission. Avoid these problems and tighten your submission!

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One thought on “How not to start your Novel – from Writer Unboxed

  1. The first chapter of my first novel is a total info-dump. But, I’m going to finish it out and then go back to re-write the beginning. I agree that everything changes and needs to be change by the time you finish your work.

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