Canada Writes – Creative Non-fiction


Canada Writes – Creative Non-fiction

I’ve entered this contest sponsored by the CBC, to write creative non-fiction, 1200 to 1500 words; deadline Feb. 1.  The prize?  $6000 and a two-week residency at an artist’s retreat in Banff!  There are also four $1000 runner-up prizes.  Wish me luck!

Ready, Set, WRITE!


Ready, Set, WRITE!

I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month once again, so I may be a little quiet here over the next month.  I’m writing the third novel in my Toy Soldier Saga series, “Sable’s Privateers.”  You can keep track of my progress at this link or on the Toy Soldier Saga Facebook group.  See you more in December!

National Novel Writing Month – Sable’s Privateers


NaNoWriMo begins in 11 days. This is what I will be writing; the third book in my series “The Toy Soldier Saga.” 50000 words in a month is the goal; that’s 1667 words in a day. I succeeded in 2011 with my first book in the series, “A Few Good Elves“; I did not succeed in 2012 with the second book, “Brothers in Arms,” because I had another deadline on the 15th of November, but I did manage 35000 words. I am still writing “Brothers in Arms” but because the NaNoWriMo rules say you must start a new novel, I’m jumping in with Book Three anyway. Wish me luck! Although you may not hear as much from me in the next few weeks.

Here’s the link to my writer’s profile at NaNoWriMo.

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding


7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is an essential part of any work of fiction. But especially for science fiction or fantasy, it’s the lifeblood of storytelling. But when worldbuilding fails, it can wreck your whole story, and leave your characters feeling pointless. Here are seven deadly sins of worldbuilding.

Separate Worlds E-Zine Publishes My Short Story, “Survivor”!


So back at the beginning of the year I wrote a short story for a writing contest at my local university.  It centers around my character Shaundar Sunfall of the Toy Soldier Saga and it is called “Survivor”.  I didn’t win, but I then took the story and submitted it to Separate Worlds e-zine, a sci-fi and fantasy magazine that juries its potential stories.  Well, they took it up and it appears in the current issue (July/August 2013,) which is available at this link.  If you have any problems you can contact the staff; they may take a while to get back to you but they are very accommodating and friendly.  This is a Canadian publication that features all manner of excellent speculative fiction and I think it’s well worth the $20 a year subscription or the $5 per issue.  And all the writers get paid actual money royalties for these so you are also supporting writing talent that is working to be discovered.  Thanks for your support!

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