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Sable Aradia, Priestess & Witch

I’ve entered CBC Music’s “Searchlight” contest for Canada’s best new artist (in the Radio West area; Kelowna). I’ve entered my song “Dragonflight”. Check out my artist page at, where you will find a link to check out my competition and/or vote. This is entirely decided by votes from the public and I’m way down on the list of options so I really need your support! Please stop by and click for me! Thanks!

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A Shout-Out for a Canadian Geek Musician – Vanessa Cardui’s Kickstarter Campaign


A Shout-Out for a Canadian Geek Musician – Vanessa Cardui’s Kickstarter Campaign

I had occasion to meet Vanessa at this year’s Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival, where we both had the honour of performing on the same stage as legends Chalice and BladeHeather Dale, and Sharon Knight.  A sister Pagan and a sister geek, her music comes from both elements but also includes some poignant realism and insight into human nature.  “Thought Experiment” was an excellent piece of work and now she wants to make the sequel.  I know I’m supporting the campaign and I hope you will too.  Have a listen to her work and decide for yourself, or check her out on her YouTube channel.

Live at the Cherryville Farmer’s Market


Dedicated to Andrew Brechin, 1968 – 2013. Live performance for a small, intimate audience featuring songs from both “Of Dragons and Unicorns” and “Pyrates & Pagans,” plus a cover or two and at least one unreleased track. Chad McLeary joins me for a couple of numbers as well.

Release the Hounds! Or, Shall I Say, the CD?


Release the Hounds! Or, Shall I Say, the CD?




Today is the day!  “Pyrates & Pagans,” my new album of filk/folk music, is available today!  You can buy it at myBandcamp site; every hard copy CD comes with the download of the digital album, some extras, and will arrive signed if you purchase it today!


Also, don’t forget I’m doing an” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Ostara Gathering and CD Release Party tonight; if you happen to be in Vernon you can” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> catch it at the Library Meeting Room; if you don’t, we’ll be broadcasting it LIVE at Spreecast; sign up at the link!  That will be at 6 pm PDT.  I’ll be joined for an evening of live music by fellow singer-songwriters Chris Madsen and Chad McLeary!  We’ll be doing an Ostara ritual as part of the performance.  IT’S FREE!


Blessed be,

My New Music Page at CBC Radio’s Website!


My New Music Page at CBC Radio’s Website!

Hey there guys!  Check out my new artist page at CBC Radio’s Website!  You can stream my music and access all of my social network music-related sites, like my Facebook artist fan-page, my Twitter, and my YouTube channel.  Thanks for checking it out.