Making Light: Hero Worship


Making Light: Hero Worship

I love this article.  I agree completely; I once wrote an article about how Wonder Woman was one of the many reasons I became a Witch.

I also agree that I don’t think their “reality” is relevant if we resonate with the myth.  I am grateful that comic books keep heroic and moral ideals alive in the modern day.  I am glad we don’t have to look strictly to our human leadership or our celebrities for role models.  I am glad that myth lives well enough in the modern world to support multi-million dollar movies on the topic and multi-million dollar video game environments in which people actively play the heroes.  It gives me hope for the human race.

I am linking this article to both of my blogs, “Sable Aradia, Priestess & Witch,” and “Confessions of a Geek Queen” at WordPress, because it crosses over both subjects quite well.

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Categories for the Aurora Awards (Canadian Fantasy & Sci-Fi)


Categories for the Aurora Awards (Canadian Fantasy & Sci-Fi)

Hey gang, if you like sci-fi and fantasy literature and you want to support the Canadian market, you might consider joining

The Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association (CSFFA)

then don’t forget to nominate your favourite Canadian fantastical works for the Aurora Awards!  There are only eight days left to nominate works for 2012.  Categories (which you may not have heard of) include:

Best Novel (English)

Best YA Novel (English)

Best Short Fiction (English)

Best Graphic Novel (English)

Best Poem/Song (English)

Best Related Work (English)

Best Artist

Best Fan Publication

Best Fan Organizational

Best Fan Filk

Best Fan Related Work

(Incidentally, for those who genuinely like the stuff I do – not encouraging you to nominate me if you don’t or aren’t familiar – “A Few Good Elves” counts as a 2012 work . . . You could call it a novel or a fan-related work, I guess . . . The video for “Sink the Vengeance” is also a 2012 fan work.)

Nominations for 2013 have also begun.  (A lot of my music is “filk” music and “Pyrates & Pagans” is a 2013 album.)  Canadian authors I like include Robert J Sawyer and C. June Wolf (but I haven’t read anything they’ve written in 2012 or 2013) and Canadian musicians that do filk music I enjoy include Heather Dale and Vanessa Cardui.