Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters (Extended)


My extended mix! This song was used in the trailer for the first of the new Star Trek movies (2011).

Tracks Used:
Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters (Legend, 2009)
Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters Remix (Skyworld, 2013)

Star Trek 5/star-trek-warp-speed-mr-scott-jason-politte.jpg

Star Wars Unleashed Returns!


Yay, they’ve restored the audio for my epic music mix “Star Wars Unleashed!” This fan project in tribute of Star Wars and its music is just under an hour in length and it took me the better part of a month to make. It was very popular when I uploaded it and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Thor: the Dark World TV Slot, Featuring Audiomachine!


I’m a fan of epic music, and here’s Audiomachine, who is finally beginning to break into the successful upper crust of the industry, which they so desperately deserve. The trailer itself isn’t great, I think, but Audiomachine makes it better. And of course, it’s Thor. Who doesn’t love Thor?

New Epic Music Mix from Sindrannaras! “Epic Music Mix of Majesty X”


For those of us who are fans of epic music, Sindrannaras needs no introduction. For those who might be new to the genre, Sindrannaras is a DJ and video editor who makes amazing mixes from already amazing “epic” music; the kind of stuff that is produced by companies for licensing and used in movie trailers. This is his latest, published yesterday.