Ender’s Game: Book and Movie Review with the Leather Library!


Ender's Game

You’ve heard a lot about the movie of the Orson Scott Card classic sci-fi novel recently. ¬†Join myself and Steven Umbrello of The Leather Library for a review of the book and the movie this Sunday, the 9th of February, at 10 am PST.

We’ll be on Google Hangouts, and you can find the link on my Google+ page on the day of the review, or on the Leather Library’s.

If you miss the show and want to see it later, you can check it out at my YouTube channel or the Leather Library’s.

I am not sure yet if Erin at Smoking Jacket Blog will be joining us or not; since, as he points out, it really has nothing to do with tobacco.

I hope to see you then!