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Sable Aradia, Priestess & Witch

I’ve entered CBC Music’s “Searchlight” contest for Canada’s best new artist (in the Radio West area; Kelowna). I’ve entered my song “Dragonflight”. Check out my artist page at, where you will find a link to check out my competition and/or vote. This is entirely decided by votes from the public and I’m way down on the list of options so I really need your support! Please stop by and click for me! Thanks!

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Canada Writes – Creative Non-fiction


Canada Writes – Creative Non-fiction

I’ve entered this contest sponsored by the CBC, to write creative non-fiction, 1200 to 1500 words; deadline Feb. 1.  The prize?  $6000 and a two-week residency at an artist’s retreat in Banff!  There are also four $1000 runner-up prizes.  Wish me luck!

I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You Guys About This, But . . .


I Probably Shouldn't Tell You Guys About This, But . . .

ThinkGeek is doing a cool contest:

“INCONCEIVABLE! Today, we celebrate The Princess Bride’s film release in 1987. 26 years? Do we really mean it?! Well… anybody want a peanut?

Enter below by 5:00pm ET Wednesday, 9/25 for a chance to win one of three The Princess Bride prize packs. Once the contest closes, Dread Pirate Roberts and RandomBot will select three lucky winners & contact them via email.

Each winner will receive:

Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya Mug
Iocane Powder Pint Glass
Princess Bride R.O.U.S. Plush
Princess Bride As you Wish Pint Glass

Enter now! (As you wish.)”

Now you’re all competition and I’m less likely to win it, dammit. Don’t say I never do anything for you! Click on the pic for the link to enter: