Seriously, I Really Want!


Seriously, I Really Want!

How would you like to own Master Satele Shan’s lightsaber? To me that sounds like just about the coolest thing on the planet!
I’m not the only one who thinks so because this guy made one for his wife. That kind of sets a new precedent for husband-to-wife gifts, don’t ya think?

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The Periodic Elements as Cartoon Characters!


The Periodic Elements as Cartoon Characters!

Kaycie D. is an illustrator and animator who decided that she’d do something particularly awesome for her senior thesis project at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She decided to design characters for each of the elements in the periodic table, and she called it Elements: Experiments in Character Design.

Some of the characters are based on properties of the chemicals, others the story behind the name. I hope she eventually decides to bring them together in a grand webcomic – perhaps one that reflects the history of the founding of the periodic table?

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1922 Kodachrome Colour Film Test!


This video depicts one of the first ever colour film tests from Kodak in 1922. Notice that even though we have full colour, not even much deteriorated by time, we still have the characteristic flicker that led to the nickname “the flicks,” no sound, and a characteristic language of gestures that were meant to convey specific emotions in the movies at the time. The flicker is caused by variations in the density of the film, and variations of speed in the comparatively-slow hand-cranked cameras of the time. (Source: KodakTube on YouTube.)