Seeking Beta Readers!

Diane Morrison

Hello there, friendly readers! I’ve been working on a hard science fiction project for National Novel Writing Month and I’m just about finished. Sometime in early 2017 I will be looking for beta readers to give it a peruse and offer opinions.

A beta reader, if you don’t know, reads an unpublished manuscript at some time before it’s submitted for publication to help guide the author in the editing process. The benefit to you is that you get to read a brand-new novel for free before anybody else has a look at it. The drawback is that, being as it will be an unfinished manuscript, it’s not as likely to be as well polished as a published work you’re buying from the store. Also, I’ll be circulating questionnaires after each chapter that I’ll need you to fill out in order to pin down areas where the work needs improvement.


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