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Diane Morrison

It’s always an odd thing to decide how to present yourself on the internet.  Quite frankly, it would be easiest for me to keep it all in one place; my time and schedule being as limited as it is with all the things I want to do in my life and the relationships I have.  But that’s often just not practical.  Some people want to hear about my music projects, others my blogs, others about my fiction writing, and still others about my non-fiction writing.

For years I’ve been known as Sable Aradia online.  That’s because I’m an outgoing introvert, and there are things I like to keep private about my life.  But I’m looking to finally get my fiction writing career going, and that’s something you really have to do under the auspice of your real, legal name.  This site is all about my fiction writing work.  I’ll be…

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