2 thoughts on “Summer Okanagan Reading Challenge Update July 8 #ORL

  1. “all the adults are jerks” Thanks! You actually articulated something about modern young adult fiction that bothered me, but that I couldn’t quite nail down.

    I read many of the Tarzan books as a boy and loved them. However, as an adult, I find the quality of Burroughs’s writing pretty terrible, even by the standards off early 20th century pulps. Still, it’s hard to argue that, for shear imaginative wonder, his stories are hard to beat.

    • I agree with you completely about Burrough’s writing, at least in the first book and the first John Carter book, which is all I’ve read by him thus far. On the other hand, the stories stay with us, don’t they? I guess it must be what you say; “sheer imaginative wonder.” 🙂

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