Mad Max: Fury Road – Wow!

Review from Self Aware Patterns – yeah, I pretty much agree!


Max_Mad_Fury_Road_Newest_PosterThis week I watched the movie Mad Max:Fury Road.  I had heard a lot about this movie, that it was incredibly action packed, that it had stunning visuals, that it put every other action movie to shame, that it had in fact re-defined what it means to be an action movie.  Pretty high praise.  With a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I had high expectations.

Five minutes into the movie, I knew everything I had heard about it was true, and that my expectations were going to be met.

This movie grabs  you with high energy kinetics right in the beginning, and pretty much never lets go.  If you’ve seen the 1981 Mad Max movie “Road Warrior” and recall the intense chase scene at the end, imagine an entire movie like that.  Now add in modern CG technology, and you’re getting close to what this movie is.

Like the old Mad…

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