Science Fiction Masterworks Book Club

sfmasterworkschallenge2015I was inspired by an imprint called SF Masterworks to create a book club to read legendary sci-fi classics together and critique them. This imprint will be our reading list, which we will be reading in order of publication. But you don’t have to get the books from this imprint; you can get them from Amazon, the public library; wherever you want.

Our goals are:
1. To promote the reading of science fiction.
2. To share and discuss the classics of the genre as fans and literary critics.
3. To enjoy good reading in a subject that interests us as a social activity that we can share.

List Rules:
1. You can find the list of books we’re reading at: We are reading one per month in numbered order. You will find the current book and the next five listed in a pinned post at the top of the page.
2. You can join in or leave the group, or rejoin it, at any time.
3. The group is closed to promote a safe place for discussion, but invite anyone you like.
4. Because I have to say it, harassment, abuse, insults etc. will not be tolerated. Neither will spam.
5. Try to keep the posts on topic.
6. I will not tell you NOT to discuss religion or politics, because the best science fiction is always somewhat political by nature. I will say, however, that if you choose to do so, I demand that you keep your commentary respectful of others. If you do not, you will be removed.
7. Please mark adult-specific discussion “NSFW” out of respect for others.

Care to join us?

You can find us on Facebook, Goodreads, or on Worlds Without End as a Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge.

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