Kuchisake Onna: Slit-Mouthed Woman

Shared from Part Time Monster because – creepy!

Part Time Monster


It’s early evening in Japan, and you’re walking down a quiet street in the suburbs of Tokyo. There aren’t many people around, and the only thing on your mind is the bag you carry, a quick convenience store dinner from the local Family Mart. The sun is going down. The street lamps come on, a flicker in the fading light, until they are beacons calling out for the neighborhood’s abundant insect population. Something about a gritty shadow at the base of one of those poles makes you walk a little faster.

Then, you start to hear footsteps behind you.

The click of heels, the speed of the gait –– all suggest a woman. Nothing to be afraid of.

But when you turn the corner, so does she. When you speed up a little, so does she. When you finally slow down, giving her a chance to pass you, she stops, and the need…

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