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The Logo of the RPG Blog Carnival. My father took me to my first gaming convention when I was just starting Grade 9: a small two day convention in the next town over to introduce people to Living Greyhawk. Since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing various convention games; for most of my gaming career I had spent more time playing at conventions than home games, and in 2006 I managed to make it out to Gencon, followed by Origins in 2007. Given the topic of this months blog carnival, I thought I’d dispense some advice I’ve gained through all this time at the convention table.

  1. Stay on target. Convention games are rather different than home games. The main difference is that you typically only have four hours. No “Lets pick this up next time” or “See you next week”. Four hours, sometimes eight, then done, and it really sucks to have to leave a game…

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2 thoughts on “Convention Game Advice: RPG Blog Carnival

    • I think you’ve pretty well covered it! Basically the message is, “Try not to bog down the game because time is a precious commodity, try to be thoughtful of the other players, and remember, you’re not the star of the show.” Most of these are good rules to live by in any RPG, but the time element has special importance in Con games. Thanks for a great article!

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