Steampunk Ghostbusters Charity Ball Report

Cogpunk Steamscribe

I am very proud to share with you the donation amount raised by the Steampunk Ghostbusters at our Charity Ball:  $7109.92

The Ghostbusters portrait - sadly, I was collecting tickets at the door and didn't make the shoot. The Steampunk Ghostbusters with the representatives of the Queensland Cancer Council – sadly, I was collecting tickets at the door and didn’t make the shoot.

This is due to the hard work of the committee members and our supporters, the generosity of all our sponsors, and the warm hearted Steampunk Community who threw themselves into having a good time at the ball. Special mention should be made of those people who helped on the night without being committee members, like Amy Driscoll, Brian Green, Sai the Sound man and Tay the Photographer, the Burlesque performers, and Nadine Tallon, who helped set up.

I  would in particular like to thank Lea-Anne Martin, whose generous donations were made as a personal gesture, rather than as a sponsorship.

The venue was brilliant…

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