Steampunk Weapons Deliver

A loft full of lead

Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs have shipped out their Steampunk Infantry Support Weapons Kickstarter and I picked them up from the Post office today.

The weapon platform will take any of the weapon systems. I have four of these and will be able to switch weapons as desired.

My favourite is the Vergeltungswaffe Kirschkern Maikäfer Terror Weapon, a steampunk version of the V1 flying bomb.

To help shoot down pesky steam planes, the Anti-Aircraft Flak Cannon will come in very handy.

And to unleash a large amount of inaccurate rocket fire, the Nebelwerfer Rocket Launcher is quite appropriate for the Prussians.

Also included was an Ammo sprue, but these do lokk like they will be difficult to easily remove from the sprue.

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