HBO will make a Foundation TV series


FoundationCoverIO9 has the details.  Apparently Jonathan Nolan, of ‘Interstellar’ fame, is involved.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  The Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov, is classic golden age science fiction.  It’s one of those works that has influenced lots of other science fiction, with many common tropes originating from it.  Galactic empires?  Foundation.  An empire’s homeworld (ala Coruscant in Star Wars) being completely covered by city?  The planet Trantor in Foundation.  A mutant with superpowers able to control people’s minds?  You guessed it.  Secret societies across centuries?  Yep.

Despite these contributions to popular culture, the books are not exactly what you would call action packed.  In fact, a good deal of the stories are filled with characters engaged in discussions and debates.  In the later books, the characters all pretty much sound like Asimov debating with himself.  Of course, Asimov debating with himself was endlessly entertaining and…

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