The movie ‘Interstellar’ and wormholes


The other day, I did a post on interstellar exploration which linked to one by Sten Odenwald on the problems with interstellar travel.  Well, he posted some follow-up remarks, expressing some surprise at the response, doubling down on the aspects of the limitations of interstellar travel he identified, and urging people to be optimistically realistic.  (I predict he’ll get a similar response to this post.)

One thing I wanted to add to the remarks I made in my post, is that I don’t oppose research into possible faster than light solutions.  I just think we have to realistic about their prospects.  This subject is coming up again with the release of the movie ‘Interstellar’ tomorrow.

It sounds like a big part of the movie’s plot is going to involve wormholes.  These are actually theoretical concepts, and the movie had a heavy weight physicist, Kip Thorne, consulting to make sure they got it…

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