It’s Contest Time, Again!

Contest time at my hubby’s magazine! Tell us about your favourite tobacconist and win prizes!

Smoking Jacket Magazine

Yes, you heard that right, it’s contest time, again here at Smoking Jacket Magazine!

Thanks to our great sponsors at Sutliff and their new partnership with Brigham, we’re able to bring you this contest!

Great prizes await including pipes, tobacco, hats, mugs, and T-shirts!

And now, you ask, “what do we have to do to enter?”

One thing at a time, first let me tell you about the contest.

In celebration of Sable’s new book, we embarked upon a western Canadian book tour.  As part of that tour, I took the opportunity to visit various brick and mortar tobacconists in the cities we visited and wrote about my experiences with them.  Sable also took the opportunity to write a review involving one of the tobacconists we visited that shone a negative light upon them, though personally I wouldn’t have wasted the ink.

Well, now the book tour is over and…

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