Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 5: “Time Heist” Review

Part Time Monster

“Time Heist” by Steve Thompson and Steven Moffatt isn’t the best episode we’ve seen in this new season, but it’s certainly the coolest. As much as I’ve enjoyed Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman up to this point, I came away from each of the previous four episodes wondering when the new Doctor was going to emerge.  Clara Oswald has seemed like the central character so far. “Time Heist” is the first episode of this season in which I felt as though I was watching the Doctor rather than Capaldi playing the Doctor.

cyborgThe Doctor and Clara answer the TARDIS phone and immediately find themselves on a strange planet suffering from amnesia, and in the company of a cybernetically-enhanced human and a shapeshifter who assumes the form of anyone she touches. It seems the four have agreed to rob the most impregnable bank in the universe, and have used memory worms to wipe…

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