Comics Grinder Campaign Continues at GoFundMe


Comics Grinder


I want to thank Tom Spurgeon for his mention today at The Comics Reporter of my campaign to help sustain and grow what I do here at Comics Grinder.

It’s a pleasure to write about the comics medium and share with you my insights in various ways right here. I love writing, in general, and that’s never going to stop. And I love creating comics and that’s not going to stop. In fact, I have much more to share with you in the years to come, not less. I am hardly going away. I’m blossoming. But I’m still getting the word out there on what I do and I could use some better resources. Just like anyone building something special, it does require time and money. And so, I decided to put together a GoFundMe campaign. I hope you will take a moment to visit and consider making a donation…

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Comic-Con 2014: George R.R. Martin Signing Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Prequels


Comics Grinder


As part of a full roster of exciting events from comiXology, you can expect the Game of Thrones scribe himself, George R.R. Martin. Yep, Booth #2547 is the place to be.

On Sunday at 12:30pm, author George R.R. Martin and artist Mike S. Miller will be making a special appearance at the comiXology booth to promote and sign copies of The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel and The Sworn Sword: The Graphic Novel published by Jet City Comics. There will be 200 copies of The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel available for free, first-come, first-serve. Signing will be limited to these two titles.

ComiXology will be in full swing at Comic-Con International giving away $5 Amazon Appstore credits toward comiXology content, moderating 8 news-making panels, providing free limited edition art card signings at their booth all during the con, and, yes, hosting an appearance by author George R.R. Martin! More…

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Do your Middle-earth discs freeze?


A Tolkienist's Perspective

Freeze Middle-earth Discs

For clarity’s sake, I’ll ask that again …

Do your Middle-earth discs freeze?

“Freeze” as in: stop; pause; halt; momentarily cease to function; 1 frame turns into 10 frames or more?

Long story short, 3 out of my 5 Middle-earth films discs pause on an image for just a split-second and then continue playback as normal.

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it certainly isn’t an issue with the physical discs themselves; nor the dvd player …

I’ve noticed it years ago with my theatrical disc for The Return of the King. During the Siege of Minas Tirith, as Gandalf takes over command of the City, he says “Prepare for battle!”, and Gandalf (pause)just at that moment, the sound stops and the image pauses on the wizard’s face. Then the film continues.

Again, it’s only half a second but it’s noticeable.

Back then I thought it simply a…

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