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Miles Errant
Miles Errant by Lois McMaster Bujold
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I love the Vorkosigan Saga, and I have read all of them before, but recently decided to sink my teeth into them again just to visit old friends. Miles Errant is an omnibus of three previously published novels in the saga; “Borders of Infinity,” “Brothers in Arms” and “Mirror Dance.” “Borders of Infinity” is perhaps one of my favourite sci-fi stories of all time. It is deep and intelligent, and raises some disturbing issues about our humanity. This theme carries on through all three of these excellent works. Issues are raised about the disturbing implications of technology, from warfare to cloning, and are dealt with in a personal, human way, as opposed to an overreaching political manner. “Mirror Dance” won a Hugo. It deserved it. Miles Vorkosigan is a protagonist I can respect; a man who, a lot like Horatio Hornblower, gets in over his head and then tries to live honourably with the consequences. He is hindered by having been born with exceptionally brittle bones (due to an assassination attempt on his mother when he was in utero) in a military culture that fears deformities. He therefore succeeds primarily on boldness and brains – like Hermione Granger. I love the workings of his mind and the mind that produced him, and I love the situations he finds himself in. I highly recommend these novels to anyone who appreciates a good sci-fi space opera, a good spy thriller, or just a damn good story.

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FREE MUSIC GIVEAWAY from Michael Maas!


If there are sufficient views the composer will give away his music!  According to Epic Music VN (Vietnam):

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Greg Koudoulian’s Campaign To Raise Funds For Comic-Con Documentary


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Greg Koudoulian is a distinguished supporter and archivist of Comic-Con International in San Diego. His roots go back to the early years of Comic-Con. He has an impressive collection of rare memorabilia that has reached the level of museum quality. And Greg knows everyone.

I have the pleasure of knowing him and maintaining an ongoing conversation with this Comic-Con authority. It is an honor to announce Greg’s plans for documenting Comic-Con history that include a documentary feature, “Planet El Cortez, A Legacy In Time.”

He has many ideas about what he wants to pursue with his documentary project. He has plenty to offer supporters too. The campaign has only just begun. There is truly a lot to this story and we’ll come back and see how things move forward. Visit his campaign at Go Fund Me right here.

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Allen Rubinstein’s Comics Juice Celebrates The Graphic Novel


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Allen Rubinstein, over at Comics Juice, has created a special tribute to the graphic novel. He is not only a longtime supporter of the graphic novel. In 2005, Mr. Rubinstein founded the Los Angeles Graphic Novel Book Club, which has grown to a membership of 200. He is doing his part to spread the word to the world at large about the multifaceted world of graphic novels. This had led to his website, Comics Juice, which includes a dazzling display of 1,000 graphic novel covers.

Be sure to stop by and visit Comics Juice right here.

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