Did a cosmic fluke make life on land possible?


When pondering how likely life is to develop on other worlds, or what types of life might develop, we always have to always bear in mind that we currently only have one example to work with.  And that example has one extremely unusual attribute, a large moon, at least large in relation to the size of Earth.

There have been speculations over the years about how Earth’s moon may have played a unique role in helping life to develop on this planet, from stabilizing and slowing the Earth’s rotation, giving it a much calmer and more stable climate than it otherwise would have had, to the effects of tidal forces on life’s rhythms.

This article highlights a paper that looks at the moon and its tidal forces possible role in helping life to colonize land:  Did A Cosmic Fluke Make Life On Land Possible? | Inside Science.

Terrestrial animals…

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