That one sentence in ‘The Battle of the Five Armes’ I want to hear/see …

A Tolkienist's Perspective

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**Minor The Hobbit spoilers ahead … so if you haven’t read the book yet (gasp!), proceed with caution. Nothing major, but just a gentle warning 🙂 **

There’s one particular line during a specific moment in the book, that I’ve been hoping makes its way into the final cut of the movie; for over four years now.

Ever since The Hobbit films were announced, I’ve been wishing – with quite a deep desire – for this to make an appearance.

This sentence is actually a piece of dialogue, said by one of the characters, during the climax of Film 3:

“To me! To me! Elves and Men! To me! O my kinsfolk!” he cried, and his voice shook like a horn in the valley.

There it is.

The shivers …. oooh 😀

Personally, it always gave so much significance to the whole theme of the story and especially within the context…

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