Jeremy-Blog: Tough Ladies #7: Respect for Jennifer Hale

Part Time Monster

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well today. For this entry in my Tough Ladies column, I would like to briefly look at one of my favorite voice actors, and a voice actor important to all of nerd culture, Jennifer Hale.

Hale is well known for her contributions to a large number of properties, and her list of credits is immense. You’ve likely heard her voice in an animated film, cartoon series, or video game without even realizing it. Here is a video that gives a rundown of many of her voice roles as of 2008:

She is perhaps best known for voicing the female version of Commander Shepard—protagonist of the Mass Effect video game trilogy—a role affectionately referred to as FemShep by her fans. I am one of a growing group of male gamers who preferred her in this role to her male counterpart for a variety reasons, mostly due to the superiority of her…

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