The Tolkien series returns this week, and it has a title.

Aside from the interesting (and,I believe, quite correct) comments on Gollum, I am sharing this post because it includes the entire fan-made movie “The Hunt for Gollum,” which is excellent and well-worth a watch!

Part Time Monster

I’ve missed posting here. This thing we’re doing works best when Diana and I post at one another’s blogs once a week. For the next little while, she has Penny Dreadful at Sourcerer and I have Tolkien here. If you need a refresher on my Tolkien series, here’s a page with links to everything I’ve written so far. The series is titled “Encounters with the Ring” because it focuses on scenes in which the other characters have to face the power of the One Ring and make choices.

The next installment of will focus on Gollum.


For my money, he’s one of the three most important characters in The Lord of the Rings. We can’t talk about Bilbo and Frodo until we talk about Gollum. He will take at least three or four posts to cover. I plan to handle him much the way I handled Isildur.

The first…

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