Interstellar travel: Raising children in space

Considering the difficulties of interstellar travel.


BBC Future has an article looking at how living in space might effect humans and society, and asking, among other things, should we have babies in space?

“Mars,” sang Sir Elton John in Rocket Man, “ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.”

Sir Elton might be lacking in Nasa-related experience, but he had a point. Not only is the planet “cold as hell”, it is also isolated, airless and barren. Even the desolate view of rusty soil, lifeless valleys and bare mountains is shrouded in a permanent orange haze.

Nevertheless, it appears to be humanity’s goal to end up there. If all goes to plan, eventually – quite possibly within the next 50 years – colonists will be living on Mars. In the coming centuries, humans might also be packed onto nuclear-powered starships heading, over generations, for the nearest habitable planet. These pioneers – pilgrims if you like –…

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