A to Z: Ugly

Part Time Monster


As you might imagine, the “U” has given me a big of a difficult time. There are few “U” names, and there are few girl characters in books with any of those “U” names. The only characters I could come up with were in books that I hadn’t yet read, and since I’m in the middle of comps and the end of the semester (which, contrary to popular belief, gets more, not less, busy in the last few weeks), I don’t have time to read anything new right now that isn’t on that list.

I ended up having a fascinating conversation about “The Ugly Duckling” and gender that I’ll come back to in a post after A-Z is over, and the ugly stepsisters in “Cinderella” were discussed…And I started thinking about Scott Westerfield’s “Uglies” series. And I realized that “ugly” is a long and complicated concept that we put into…

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