A to Z: Ramona

I loved Ramona Quimby, and I remember Beverly Cleary’s books fondly as shaping stories from my childhood.

Part Time Monster


There are 8 books featuring Ramona Quimby, and the books were written over a 44 year period, from 1955 with Beezus and Ramona (1955) to Ramona’s World. To a very large extent, the series is the tale of two sisters; Ramona is the younger sibling of Beezus, and we see the two grow older and their relationship change as they move through school.

In the initial two books, Ramona is a “pest.” Ramona the Pest (1968) is the second of these. Ramona’s classmates, her sister, and her sister’s friends are often annoyed by Ramona’s pranks and high spirits, as she manages to ruin library books, pull hair, and disrupt class–both her own class and Beezus’s classes. The third book in the series focuses on Ramona’s feelings of fear and insecurity as she prepares for the first grade, confronting bullies and the darkness of her own room.

This allows Ramona’s…

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