A to Z: Nancy Drew

I also grew up on tales of Nancy Drew. Sometimes I loved her and sometimes I didn’t. Mostly I admired her intelligence!

Part Time Monster


Nancy Drew has been one of the most loved and most well-recognized female characters since her initial appearance in 1930. Unlike most of the girl characters–and most of the books–on this list, Nancy is a character that has been written and re-written by various ghostwriters as part of an ongoing series. The series kind-of ended 10 years ago, in 2004, but was re-vamped to become Girl Detective; beginning in 1998, Her Interactive started publishing computer games based on the character.

Seventy-odd years of a character being written by different people and re-vamped a few times to shift with changing parts of culture makes her somewhat difficult to discuss, at least in a definable “this is what Nancy Drew is like” way. Certainly, her evolvement can be used to discuss changing American ideas of femininity (Nancy’s age shifts slightly over the years, and her appearance changes on the book covers…

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