A-Z: Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger, one of my favourite characters of all time. Why? Because that’s who I was growing up, and I’d like to think that’s who I still am.

Part Time Monster


Oh, Hermione. I could sing her praises from the hilltops, and many a girl has. But why on earth do we have this Ms. Granger madness?

Hermione is smart. But she also doesn’t quite fit in. She’s described in the first books as having busy hair and teeth that are a little bit too large. She’s muggle born, which means she has non-magical parents, so she hasn’t been inundated to wizarding culture. And then she learns about it, reading loads of books before she comes to school, and part of the reason that she manages to be off-putting is that she’s so desperate to prove herself worthy and to fit in that. She makes everyone else look bad in the classroom, and she’s constantly worried about rules and regulations. She’s desperately attached to the things she feels are right and important.

Hermione is bullied, and she gives a damn–but she doesn’t…

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