A-Z: Ella of Frell

Part Time Monster


Alright, it’s time to talk about Ella, the title character of Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted.

Ella is, well, special. She’s been given a gift by a fairy–and not a very good one. The gift is obedience, and so Ella must follow any order given her. She’s protected by her mother, but this is a Cinderella-tale, which means that Ella’s mother dies, leaving her to the care of her father. And then of course Ella ends up at school, plagued by sibling duo Hattie and Olive. . Eventually, of course, Ella’s father marries Hattie’s and Olive’s mother, and the two become her stepsisters. (Remember, this is a Cinderella tale.) Hattie, who has discovered Ella’s gift while at school, tells her mother about it, and Ella is pretty quickly reduced to a household servant.

Meanwhile, Ella meets Prince Charmont at her mother’s funeral, and the two exchange letters for a while…

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