Considering the VALUE … of a BOOK

I love what this man has to say.

In the first case, I was just discussing the other day how copyright law and intellectual property have gotten right out of hand, to the point that it is choking out ideas and creativity and only corporations are benefiting from this. (As a writer, I will get 7% royalties on my new book, and that’s a *good* percentage.)

I was shaking my head at Kindle, because when I buy a book, I get to keep it. Kindle can delete it from your device whenever they want, I understand. That’s bullshit.

I love his description of his joy in the experience of finding a completely untouched copy of a classic book.

I also enjoy his treatment of the subject matter. Heroes, people often forget, are just *people*. No one is perfect. It’s ridiculous for us to expect them to be. And no one deserves to die like that. Dian Fossey was murdered for her ideals. She’s a modern martyr of conservatism.

Well worth the read, this.


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