The Creepiest Thing You’ll See All Day

Sphere of Annihilation spotted in tunnel between South Kensington London Underground Station and the Science Museum! Run for your lives!


Designers at the Royal College of Art have created a floating black sphere that, in addition to stalking people, records and replays sounds it picks up after a short delay.

It’s called “Space Replay” and it was designed by Francesco Tacchini, Julinka Ebhardt and Will Yates-Johnson. The intention was to create a hovering object that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties. “By constantly recording and replaying these ambient sounds,” the designers write, “the levitating sphere produces a delayed echo of human activity.”

In the video, the sphere can be seen moving through a subway station and following people directly into an elevator — all while playing back recently recorded audio. It makes for a particularly eerie effect.



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