Mars One

Have you guys heard about this yet? This is an honest to goodness, real-world, currently happening non-profit initiative to build a human settlement on Mars by 2023. The project is called Mars One and it invites us average people to become astronauts and train to be Martian colonists! It has received some criticism and I find myself excited but skeptical. Is the technology there yet to make a Martian colony a feasibility? I personally would like to see a lot more active exploration, especially manned exploration, first; certainly sci-fi and history have taught us to be wary of microbes if nothing else. And the major obstacle to a manned Mars mission, aside from the time spent without gravity which is bad for the human body, there is a great danger of severe radiation exposure outside of the Earth and the Moon’s electromagnetic fields. But I also remain hopeful and I am keenly interested in the project, enough that I signed up for their email list.  They have an Indiegogo campaign if you want to contribute.


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