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After a much needed winter holiday break, Comics Grinder is back. Did you miss me? Oh, of course you did, and that’s understandable. As the main force behind CG, I need to take pauses. It’s all about intelligent pacing. We do have guest columnists from time to time. We may even find more regular contributors this year. As for now, “we” at Comics Grinder do the best we can.

As we roll into the new year, expect more reviews, interviews, original art, various features, and thoughts on 2014. If you ask me, the most buzzworthy thing coming out of superhero comics is going to be Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman graphic novel. Of course, there’s Morrison’s “Multiversity” due out this year too, but the Wondy book will be easy for the media to hook into and it well deserves all the attention it will get.

In “Wonder Woman: The Trial of…

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