14 thoughts on “TARDIS Dress!

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  2. do you know where I’d be able to purchase one of these? I feel I may die if I don’t have one. And my die I mean cry until my eye glands dry up

    • Oh dear, I had no idea this had such a response! Internet search turned up this link to a pattern. The dress is not of identical material but I’m sure it’s easily adapted: http://www.kelldar.com/portfolio/marie-antoinette/, I also found a blog entry that mentioned a bunch of TARDIS dresses on Etsy but the items they linked were gone. However, I am sure that if you kept checking back and searching for “TARDIS dress” you would eventually find something that would make you happy. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay in my reply, all!

      • That’s great, thanks for passing that along! I am sure your friend there will receive many requests for dresses, if she’s looking to make some money! And I’m glad to have a place to send my readers; thanks.

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