A Few Good Elves – Live Readings on Spreecast!

A Few Good Elves Audiobook Cover

A Few Good Elves – Live Readings on Spreecast!

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me when my book is coming out, but I can’t publish it because it is technically fan-fiction, other than in the form that I have already, which is on Scribd for anyone to read in e-book format.  Other people have asked me to create an audiobook of this (a project still in the works, but much more involved than I originally planned because I’m planning sound effects and theme music,) or a podcast.  Podcasts take room to host and cost money, so that’s not really an option either.

However, I believe that entertainment is a different matter, so I will be scheduling live readings of my novel on Spreecast.  I will read one chapter a week each Sunday afternoon starting on the first of September (2 pm Pacific time; 5 pm Eastern; 10 pm London; 7 am Monday in Melbourne). This is intended as a fundraising project for my audiobook version, which will require a) web space to host it that costs money that I don’t currently have,) and b) CDs to print it on. So while all events will be free, I will encourage you to donate a couple of bucks to the project if you can.

Remember that you can always read the whole novel free at Scribd.com; this is just if you want to hear the live reading.

I will also answer questions from the audience afterwards, but never about anything that would be a spoiler!

For more information about the series, check out my website, “The Toy Soldier Saga.”


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